Integrated Systems Inc. has been designing and implementing commercial building HVAC control systems for more than 30 years. ISI installs and maintains DDC control systems in all types of facilities from commercial office, educational, warehouse, hospitals, medical offices, and laboratories. No matter if your facility is two thousand square feet or three million; ISI can design and install a custom Building Automation System that will provide long-term reliability, expandability, and energy savings for years to come. 


Mission Statement:

"To obtain and satisfy a loyal client base through technical expertise and dedication to service." 


Integrated Systems is proud to implement a complete product line from American AutoMatrix that consists of Legacy (PUP protocol) Controllers, BACnet Controllers, and AutoFlow Laboratory and Fume Hood Controllers.  AutoMatrix is on the cutting edge of Building Automation and has been reinventing the way that control systems have been designed and implemented for over 40 years. In the last few years, AutoMatrix has developed Active Energy Management - a comprehensive energy analytics software package that tracks energy usage in commercial buildings to maximize energy savings. To learn more about Active Energy and the rest of the American AutoMatrix product line, click the button below.


Delta Data Center

Location: Hapeville, GA

Number of Controllers: 325

Tracked Points: 4,875


Delta Reservations Building

Location: Hapeville, GA

Number of Controllers: 233

Tracked Points: 4,660

Delta OC3

Location: Hapeville, GA

Number of Controllers: 240

Tracked Points: 3,600

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Emory University Hospital

Location: Atlanta, GA

Number of Controllers: 1,294

Tracked Points: 32,350

Monroe County School System

Location: Monroe County, GA

Number of Controllers: 650

Tracked Points: 12,490

WinShape Retreat

Location: Rome, GA

Number of Controllers: 72

Tracked Points: 1,440

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Alcon Headquarters

Location: Duluth, GA

Number of Controllers: 455

Tracked Points: 7,180

Carter Presidential Center

Location: Atlanta, GA

Number of Controllers: 126

Tracked Points: 1,890

Church of the Apostles

Location: Atlanta, GA

Number of Controllers: 171

Tracked Points: 4,275

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Floor Plan Graphic
Floor Plan Graphic
Fan Power Box
Fan Power Box
Cooling Towers
Cooling Towers
Rooftop Unit
Rooftop Unit
Chiller Plant
Chiller Plant
Alarm Monitoring System
Alarm Monitoring System




Company Contacts 

Keith Carroll


Cell: (770) 328-6981

Email: kcarroll@isi-energy.com



Wayne Lyle

Operations Manager 

Cell: (404) 925-5483

Email: wlyle@isi-energy.com



Ryan Carroll

Director of Business Development

Cell: (770) 301-6356

Email: rcarroll@isi-energy.com

Main Office

8915 Highway 5

Douglasville, GA 30134 


Phone: (770) 577-0515

Fax: (770) 949-9111


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